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Spoločenstvo vo viere. Poznámky ku Kantovmu pojmu cirkvi

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 4, 303-314.
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The paper is based on the assumption that in Kant’s system of morality is not rooted in religion – just the opposite, the religion is rooted in morality. According to Kant, morality necessarily leads to religion by which he understands the knowledge of all our duties, not only as categorical commands of our own reason but also as commands of God. The author therefore tries to answer the questions arising from this context: Why is there the need for faith and religion? And why is there even the need for institutional community, i.e. church? Is the reason of an individual not sufficient enough to recognize our duties? Is the moral feeling achieved by reason of every single man, i.e. feeling of respect before the law, not enough to motivate us to fulfil our duties? How should the church look like in Kantś view to perform its potentially useful function?

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Church, Community, Faith, I. Kant, Religion

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