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K niektorým aspektom interpretativizmu v sociálnom poznaní

Filozofia, 66 (2011), 8, 769-781.
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On the background of the status of social sciences and the fragmentarization of social knowledge the paper explains interpretivism as an explanatory method characteristic of social sciences. While describing the nature of interpretivism it underlines the inspiring contribution of analytical philosophy of language: the communication theory of meaning, Davidsonian and Quinean reflections on interpretation. The author argues, that the interpretive approach to social facts together with the concept of action embody a potential, which could be effective in overcoming the epistemological and methodological splitting in social knowledge.

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Proliferation of social knowledge, Interpretative program for social sciences, Language and interpretation, The radical interpretation, Interpretation and agency, Indeterminacy of interpretation, Models of social action, Meaningful character of human action, Interpretationsphilosphie in G. Abel, D. Davidson, W. V. O. Quine, I. Wallerstein

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