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Priestor kontextu v proprírodnej etickej reflexii

Filozofia, 59 (2004), 2, 124-136.
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Ecological ethics deals with intricate issues following from a massive problembased corpus. The corpus exceeds the limits of ethical solutions. The only viable and productive (even though 'uncomfortable') way of approaching the problems encountered by ecological ethics appears to be a broad intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary and argument-based context as a theoretical basis. The article is focused on an ambivalent influence of technology upon the development of normative assessments of the ways and consequences of scientific and technological transformation of natural and social environments. In addition, attention is paid to the reflection of ecological synergy (one of a number of concepts and moral beliefs in an implosive mosaic of current ethics) as an exemplified and non-oppositional scenario of an alternative way of meeting the desirable nature-oriented objectives.

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