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O skupine kristianistov alebo ako to bolo s tzv. "jakubčíkizmom" na Slovensku

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 3, 155-168.
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The paper depicts a group of intellectuals, so called "Christianists", which during the communist totality (1948 - 1971) in Slovakia held secret regular meetings to create a Christian ideological platform, which was intended as an opposition to dominating Marxist ideology of scientific socialism. The document "From Christ to Marx, from Marx to Christ" indicates, that the group originally considered itself as "Lutheran modernists", expecting the rise of modernist movments also in other confessions. It came out, however, that the project of an Encyclopedia of the sciences of scientific christianism as well as the whole conception of the movment was not able to resist the totality and after 1968, in the period of so called "normalization" the group ceased to exist.

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