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Od Philosophica slovaca po Filozofiu

Filozofia, 53 (1998), 1, 1-14.
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The journal Filozofia was grounded in 1946 as a forum of a group of philosophers which were on their transition from neopositivism to marxist-leninist philosophy. In the last five decades not only its titel had changed several times (Philosophica slovaca, Filozofický zborník SAVU, Filozofický časopis FÚ SAV, Slovenský filozofický časopis. Otázky marxistickej filozofie), but also its character and contents underwent a substantial change: being originally pluralic it became later on a monophilosophical, marxist-leninist journal. In the 60-ies, however, it became a forum for a critical philosophical debute, which rejected the official dogmatic marxist-leninist philosophy. During the following decades it contents again became rather political and ideological than philosophical. The author maintains, that on the whole the journal contributed substantially to the development of the philosophical thought in Slovakia.

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