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Poriadok trhu vo svetle morálky

Filozofia, 51 (1996), 4, 228-235.
Typ článku: State

The author focuses on two questions: Is there anything like the market order, or the market turns a territory, dominated by the enterpreneurs-predators enforcing their own rules?; Given the existence of market order, what role plays the morality in it? In the first part of the paper the nature of market order is analyzed. Two opposing market conceptions are presented: that of market as a consciously organized activity, planned and controlled centrally, resp. that of market as an unconsciously coordinated activity, described by Hayek as the „spontaneous order“. The author distinguishes between the sphere of the legal rules and that of normative regulation of the behaviour by menas of morals.

In the second part of the paper she is concerned with the question: What is the relevance of moral norms in the market order given the fact, that the moral choice requires additional costs? For consequently, in morally damaged community those, who act morally, are almost always disadvanteged.

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