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Princíp racionality a kritériá racionálneho konania

Filozofia, 44 (1989), 2, 174-182.
Typ článku: State - K teórii spoločenského vedomia a ideologických procesov

In the paper the problems of criteria of rational action are analyzed. By exploiting initiations from the theory of effective doing the dlffelence between the rationailty of action in the methodological sense and in the matter-of-fact one is made. The differentiation between the rationality, connected with relationships between the end and the means and that connected with level of substantiating the choice of ends is introduced, layiirg stress on the ciiversity between matters of fact and values. In connection with the anaiysis of purpose and value rationality are treated which within the framework of disciplinary approaches need a phllosophical corrective. In the end of these reflections the rationality of collective mass action is discussed.

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