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Súčasné koncepcie vzniku života na Zemi

Filozofia, 43 (1988), 3, 309-324.
Typ článku: State - Filozofická otázky vedeckého poznania

The paper yields a historian’s outline of well-known conceptions of the origin of life on the Earth (from creationist ideas over various forms of naive abiogenesis and eternism as far as the theory of evolutionary abiogenesis). The authors reflect also the contemporary interpretation of Oparin-Darwin’s theory and the pose questions of experimental support and or hypothetical character of this theory. Concentration upon the so-called theory of coacervates in coacervate (CAS, Novak-Leibl) inspired the authors to reflections on the first stage of evolution of arganisms, to questions of working of natural selection and also of organization of the living matter and of evolution at the cellulary and other levels.

Contemporary solving of the problem of the origins of life on the Earth must therefore integrate both general and specific characteristics of the living matter. From the viewpoint of further cognizing of the origin and essence of life it is rather prospective, in authors’ eyes, to reveal not only general characteristics of the living matter, but also common qualities of the biotic and abiotic nature what makes the transition of research to atomary molecular level possible where concrete achievements in understanding the origin and essence of life could be recorded.

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