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K niektorým otázkam mysliteľského vývinu I. Hrušovského

Filozofia, 42 (1987), 4, 435-447.
Typ článku: State - K nedožitým 80. narodeninám I. Hrušovského

In the first part of the paper the author brings out his own periodization of the genesis of Academician Hrušovský’s philosophy. He differentiates six dominant stages in Hrušovský’s development from scientism to Marxism and within his Marxist period. In the second part of the paper he outlines basic problems in Hrušovský’s genesis. He accentuates that the dominant sphere of Hrušovský’s activity as a thinker was philosophy of science, inspired markedly by the ideas of neopositivism in the beginning, influenced also by dialectical materialism. He holds that the chief weak point of Hrušovský’s thinking was his inability to overcome empiricist approach to scientifc (and philosophical} cognition. Simultaneously he points out that Hrušovský’s apprehension of objective reality, dialectics and also of practice became deeper. He evaluates the basic importance of Hrušovský’s work for the formation of professional Marxist philosophy in Slovakia.

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