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Mimologické faktory vedeckého poznania

Filozofia, 39 (1984), 2, 194-207.
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In the contribution the significance and function of extralogical factors in creative scientific cognition are defined as follows: 1. Logical elements in unity with extra-logical factors constitute a complex phenomenon of creative scientific cognition. 2. The sphere of extra-logical includes a whole complex of factors which enter the process of knowing, influence and regulate its course and results. 3. Within the scope of extralogical the relative freedom of the scientist manifests conspicuously, however, a thorough breaking of contacts with reality results in the negative influence of these elements on the course and results of cognitive activity. 4. In this sphere a seeming paradox becomes acute — due to increasing creative activity of subject it is possible to achieve objective (impersonal) knowledge in solving all the more non-objective scientific problems. Therefore extra-logical factors (imagination and intuition) become of eminent importance for scientific cognition.
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