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O niektorých súčasných formách vplyvu buržoáznej filozofie na buržoáznu sociológiu

Filozofia, 39 (1984), 2, 181-193.
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In the paper the effort of some sociological streams at a revival of conscious bindings on bourgeois philosophy, especially on its anti-scientist schools (phenomenology, existentialism] is studied. This turn in the relation to philosophy is conditioned by the need to get suitable epistemological and methodological motivation for the anti-positivist orientation in contemporary Western sociology. The author states a double character of the relation of the representatives of phenomenological and existentialist sociology to philosophical sources of their conceptions — on the one hand a certain distance from philosophy which is expressed in underestimating of their explanatory function in relation to the empirical material of sociology, on the other hand the application of basic postulates and methodological procedures of phenomenological philosophy in H. Garfinkel’s and H. Cicourel’s ethnomethodology. Special attention is paid to the procedure of the ethnomethodological reduction which is interpreted as a specific form of the phenomenological reduction, adapted to conditions of the sociological experiment. Thanks to sociology phenomenology is literally gaining breath and becomes a dangerous opponent of Marxist social sciences which requires its intensive critical study.
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