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K svetonázorovej a metodologickej funkcii marxisticko-leninskej filozofie

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 2, 175-183.
Typ článku: State - Filozofia, svetonázor, spoločenský pokrok
The process of differentiation in science is accompanied by the development of analytical methods which lead to decomposition of the research object into a number of isolated parts and which ich characterized by programmatic refusal of philosophic thinking, due to its speculative character. On the other side the necesity of synthetic reconstruction of the object, on the basis of theoretical means, i.e. in the end effect, always of philosophical theories and methods, arises. This effects that philosophical ideas, whateverabstract form they may be expressed in, acquire in relation to science (and to practical activity, based on this science] methodological and worldview importance. From this viewpoint it is necessary to develop the content of philosophical categories incessantly, whereby it must be noted that by developing of the theoretical aspect of philosophical research the content of philosophical concepts is not enriched, it gets only fixed and defined with more precision. The content of philosophical categories may be enriched' only on the base of the development of science and revolutionary practice.
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