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Systémové prístupy a výskum integračných procesov vo vede

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 4, 458-470.
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In the paper the author deals with questions of mutual connection and determinations of the key-ideas of contemporary scientific thought: the idea of the system and the idea of integration. In the analysis of integrative processes of scientific syntheses he makes use of the general typology outlined by В. M. Kedrov and he completes it by integrative methods concerning investigation and projects of the interdisciplinary character. In the second part the attention is focused on problems of specifying the degree of the general quality of objects and methods of the systems research, especially in relation to philosophy. In the given context attemtps to give systems ideas the antologie status and the status of general philosophialc categories on the one hand and on the other hand the attempts to conceive systems approacheas a matter of exclusively internal scientific reflection are critically analyzed.
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