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Neoracionalistická koncepcia filozofie vedy a vývinu vedeckého myslenia

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 3, 318-329.
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Neo-rationalist philosophy of science (Bachelard, Gonseth etc.) belongs by its nature to the type of philosophy which is done by active scientists, working in some of the concrete sciences. The relation of nea-ratioinalists to philosophy is not the one of refusal but it contains strong elements of reductionism. Their philosophy of science is typical for clean-cut interest in the dialectics of scientific cognition, which is extraordinarily forcefully reflected in their opinions on the development of science, most conspicuously perhaps in the thesis of the open character of science towards experience and in Gonseth’s „open methodology“. The greatest defect of their explanation of the development of science is the failure to solve the problem of continuity and discontinuity of this development in the dialectic way.
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