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Systémový pohľad na skúmanie reality

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 3, 293-303.
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The author takes notice of one aspect of the system — its limiting character — and he applies it to investigation of reality. The system, in contradistinction to chaos, cannot contain all possibilities represented by Cartesian product. Therefore, the system is defined as the subset of this product (/1.1/ — /1.4/). In the paperexamples are given showing how this fact is made use of in the concrete research. It is also pointed out that limitation is an aspect of the natural law, the possibility of scientific prediction and the foundation of each object, forming the unity of its parts. In the paper it is made evident that every relation is the set of the subset of Cartesian product (/1.6/ and /1.7/] which leads to the definition of the system by relations (/1.8/ —/1.11-/). From the viewpoint of the limited character of the relation the most important limitation in nature is the one that leads to explicitness (to functionality) (1.12), and to an adequate definition of univocal systems (/1.13/ — /1.17/). In the paper possibilities of applying these systems in the investigation of reality are shown. In the end it is pointed that the limiting character of the system does not express all its aspects, it does not show, above all, the system as the' internal unity and the whole.
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