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Veda o vede a ideologické aspekty riadenia vedy

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 5, 471-485.
Typ článku: State - Filozofia a vedy
The effect in the practice of the management of science presupposes theoretical information that covers the whole complex of objective relations of the intergration of science and production. The significance of the system-structural analysis of the processes of integration of science and production. The ideological problems of the tactics and strategy of science are getting into the focus of the theory and practice of the management of contemporary science. It is science that, in the revolutionary struggle of the working class,, has become today the decisive instrument of the socialeconomic process that aims at the building-up of communist society. In this connection the urgency of the systematic use of analyticalsynthetical function of the general science about science has been increasing in the practice of the management of science today. What is topical here are the functions of metascience that,, in the interdisciplinary relations of sciences,, forms the theoretical image of sciences by means of applying the philosophical method in an organic unity with the methods of the respective special sciences.
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