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Kultúrna revolúcia a kultúrne dedičstvo v socializme

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 4, 385-392.
Typ článku: State - Filozofické problémy umenia a kultúry
Cultural revolution as one of the components of socialist revolution leads in the process of sooialcultural practice to the rise of man’s creative approach to his environment and to himself and to the demands of permanent development of his creative approach as a condition of the further development of human culture. The dialectic understanding of the relation of tradition and novelty, of return and perspective, continuity and discontinuity of the development of culture 'starts from the objective existence of both phenomena and finds a regular relation. Without recognizing the tradition the notion of innovatorship would lose any sense. Tradition and heritage of the preceding cultures are the ground for the rise of innovatorship, but iimovatonship creates a new tradition: the values that originate as completely new become classic in the course of time.
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