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XXV. zjazd KSSZ a úlohy sovietskej filozofie

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 3, 249-259.
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The author of the article, on the ground of the documents of the 25th congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and other party resolutions, characterizes the basic tasks of Soviet philosophy in the sphere of dialectical materialism, historical materialism, philosophical problems of natural sciences, study of the dialectics of social processes, in the sphere of aesthetics, ethics, theory of scientific atheism, in the sphere of the struggle with bourgeois and revisionist conceptions, with anticommunism and antisovietism. The future five-year plan — the five-year plan of effectivity and quality makes the Soviet philosophers face the necessity of a closer co-operation both as representatives of various philosophical branches together and representatives of concrete sciences and practical workers. It dmands more attention to the creation of basic, generalizing works, so that each work may push the philosophical science forward.
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