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Jednota marxisticko-leninskej filozofie

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 5, 441-452.
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The paper is a contribution to the analysis of the results in the sphere of marxist philosophy in this country until now, to the investigation of the share of our philosophical front in the general crisis of ideas in the recent period. Two key-questions of marxist philosophy represent the starting point of this paper. On the one hand, it is the question of the relation of ideology and science, philosophy and politics, and, on the other hand, the question of the unity of the marxist-lsninist philosophy. The author explains and defends the thesis of marxist-leninist philosophy as scientific ideology. He investigates, at the same time, the gnozeological roots of revisionist attitudes in this question. In connection with this the so called institutional aspect of developing marxist philosophy is being investigated here. In the further part of the paper the author analyses the desintegrating attempts whose aim was to split the unity of the marxist-leninist philosophy and to apply the principle of pluralism in marxism. Attention is paid especially to the attitude to the so called philosophical scientism and anthropologism. The author proves that scientism and anthropologism as a doctrine in philosophy are of unambiguously idealistic character. This does not contradict, though, the need of close contacts of philosophy and science as well as the need of investigating, on the basis of dialectical materialism, the problems of man and developing the communist humanism. In the conclusion of the paper the author investigates critically some aspects of the so called philosophy of practice.
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