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Niektoré filozofické otázky dneška

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 3, 234-244.
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It is principally valid that in socialism philosophy and science enjoy optimal conditions of their development and can have the most positive function. This is inherent in the very essence of the socialist system. It is equally principally valid that only keeping a high theoretical level the Marxist-Leninist science can render an adequate analysis of concrete questions of the social progress possible. Each .stage of development of scientific knowledge is corresponded by a relevant depth of penetration into the concrete contents of the essence of reality. This penetration into the deeper levels of essence requires the construction of a specific system of notions adequate to the relevant level. This system cannot be simply derived from the notional structure of the less deep level, as it was supposed by mechanistic science. The ontological aspect of inexhaustibility of matter is in the boundlessness of the structure of matter, in the infiniteness if its properties, junctions and mutual efficacy.
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