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Filozofia vedy a metavedecký výskum

Filozofia, 24 (1969), 2, 186-194.
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In the explication of the concept of the philosophy of science differentiated tendencies can be stated. They are demonstrated most often in the explanation of the object and methods of the philosophy of science. As a starting point of a correct interpretation of the concept of the philosophy of science, the author considers the determination of the structure and functions of modern science. In his opinion, from the results of a matter-of-fact structural analysis of science cannot be deduced reduction of the tasks of the philosophy of science exclusively to a logical analysis of the correctness of the system of scientific statements in the language of science. The knowledge of the structure and function of science as a system with its complex of epistemological, metodological, theoretical and socio-institutibnal aspects, presupposes a wider competence of investigation which is due, besides the logic of science, also to the philosophy and methodology of science. The controversy on the place and task of the metascientific investigation in the complex of research tasks of the system of science is not, of course, concluded by the interpretation proper of the concepts of the individual disciplines of the theory of science. Attention is also to be paid to the concrete theoretical and practical questions of rationalization and optimum organization of the programed tasks of the metatheoretical investigation of science. The participation of the system of modern science is to be built on the system of operations by means of metatheoretical research components, by means of reliably organized methods of modern science. Consecutiveness of the research operations of the theory of science must become a coordinated integral component of the research tasks of the total system of science, otherwise the effect in the field of metatheoretical investigation is questionable.
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