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Volume 48 (1993), 5


(Original title: Paradoxy D-N modelu vysvetlenia a kauzálne zákony)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 5, 257-264.

The paper deals with the problems and paradoxes of the D-N model of scientific explanation. By means of an analysis of a conception of scientific laws as involved in D-N model it shows, that the paradoxes and the problems result from the Humean conception of causality. Concluding the paper, the author determines the place of the scientific explanation of the D-N… Read more

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(Original title: Zmysel všeobecného vzdelania)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 5, 265-273.
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(Original title: Die Geschichtlichkeit des Verstehens)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 5, 274-286.
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