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Responsibility Full of Fear and Hope from Future – Jonas՚s and Skolimowski՚s Contribution to Environmental Thinking

(Original title: Zodpovednosť naplnená obavami i nádejou z budúcnosti – Jonasov a Skolimowského prínos k environmentálnemu mysleniu)
Filozofia, 74 (2019), 5, 405-413.
Type of work: Reflections
Publication language: Slovak

The main subject of this essay is philosophic-ethical principle of responsibility in environ-mental context. Particularly it is concerned to the contribution of H. Jonas and H. Skolimowski in this area. Skolimowski derives the environmental responsibility from the principle of sanctity of life. From this principle result of the ethical imperative of reverence from life (Schweitzer) and sanctity of earth as well (Leopold). The reverence from life is a point of departure to another value of environmental ethics – responsibility for life and earth. Skolimowski recommend the respectful or thoughtful development as the new form of development giving the sustainability to our planet and dignity to all people. In the Jonas´s concept of ethics for technological civilization therefore it is the fear that present the important motivational and correcting factor. Jonas proposes the original concept of heuristics of fear. From the aspect of responsible policy should have a bad prognosis (which misgive) priority to good prognosis. The fear of negative distant effects would us to motivate to avoid certain action even though it could bring us a short-time effect. Jonas proposes a new categorical imperative that should help us to manage role of responsible shepherd of nature: “Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life!” We must ensure that the effects of our actions do not destroy future genuine human life.


Anxiety, Environmental responsibility, Fear, Hope, Jonas, Responsibility for future, Skolimowski

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