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The Paradox of Sartre’s Conception of Freedom: The Phenomenon of Badfaith

(Original title: Paradox Sartrovej koncepcie slobody: fenomén neúprimnosti)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 10, 523-531.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Has Sartre’s philosophy anything to say to us today?, Is it anything more than a witness of the revolt of the subjectivity against reason?, Did the Sartrian themes become a part of past due to postmodern philosophizing, or could they still offer an alternative resolution of the existential problems of modern humanity?. These are the questions put by the author in the first part of the paper. In its second part she focuses on the badfaith phenomenon (mauvaise foe), as well as on its ontological foundation. In the author's view the paradox of Sartre’s conception of freedom lies in his defining the human reality by an autonomous choice and act on one hand and man’s ferquent choice of insincerity - of pretending to be someone, who in fact he (or she) is not - on the other hand. The question is, wether badfaith is inseparable from man's individual existence.

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