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On Some Problems of Teilhardian Thought

(Original title: Niektoré problémy teilhardistického myslenia)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 513-520.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper examins three problems of Teilhardian thought which on author’s view play the most important role: that of cosmic monism, panpsychism, and pantheism. Considering the first problem he explains the role of Teilhardian protoenergy in the evolutionary cosmogenesis and points out that the transcosmic intellectual reality created in noogenesis becomes the very end and medium of the evolution. Considering the second problem the author’s conclusion is that Teilhard’s panpsychism is to be dismissed. The cosmic entities entail only the predispositions of possible further evolution. And finally, considering the third problem he refuses to see Teilhard’s intellectual concept as pantheism. He sees it as a remarkable contribution to the resolution of God - world relation, a resolution based on so called open theism meaning that the loving God in his omnipotence adapts himself to world’s and man’s being and coexists with them in various ways preserving at the same time his own Transcendence.

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