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Masaryk as a Philosopher In Slovakia in the Thirties

(Original title: Masaryk ako filozof na Slovensku v tridsiatych rokoch)
Filozofia, 45 (1990), 5, 513-521.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Czech philosophers (J. Tvrdý, J. Král) contributed a great deal to propagation and popularization of Masaryk’s philosophy during their activity at the Philosophical Faculty of CU in Bratislava. Slovak authors wrote on Masaryk as a philosopher (P. Vajcik) as well as about his relation to Plato (J. Lacko). S. Štúr was considerably inspired by Masaryk’s realism and humanism already in his work „The Problem of Transcendence in Contemporary Philosophy“. The paper maps the influence and acceptance of Masaryk’s works in Slovakia in the thirties.

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