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On the Nature of Process of Artistic Creation

(Original title: O povahe procesu umeleckej tvorby)
Filozofia, 45 (1990), 2, 137-147.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper concentrates on the general characteristics of the constructive process in which as in the creative molding of organized value experience and work of art is given birth. The key-point of this process is reciprocal active interaction Man-world. The arrangement which comes into existence in this activity is polyvalent, it is layed out by two systems of the interaction of Man and the world – determinated by several elements, it is a vector whose motion is the system formed by the infinite variability of the world and the system of creator’s interventions, grasping of the form, of the finite desing. Further, attention is paid to tradition in which the artist disposes of the specific equivalent of reality and a reliable communication system. Then artistic activity is characterized as creative activity which is able to unveil reality in dimensions in which Man can disclose its true countenance and so he can also attain an aesthetic and experience. In the end, four stages of creation are differentiated such as purposeful, specific, abstracting and synthetisizing activity which apper to be the common source of science and art.

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