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Substance, Development and Evolutionary Perspective of Tech­nology

(Original title: K podstatě, vývoji a evoluční perspektivě techniky)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 5, 552-566.
Type of work: Papers - Man, Technology, Nature
Publication language: Czech

The paper deals with three problems. The treatment of the first problem states that traditional philosophical reflection of technology has been dedicated to the abiotic branch of the development of technology and that contemporary interest in the biotic branch, e. g. in modern biotechnology, is connected with negative ecological effects of the generally widespread abiotic technics and technology. It follows from the analysis of the second problem that the development of the abiotic technology is by several orders faster than the development of living systems in the biosphere, thanks to specific evolutionary conditions (particularly due to human capacity to develop ever more quickly the so called genetic information of technology). Simultaneuosly this development is more complicated than the generally acknowledged scheme of three stages of the vertical advancement (instrumentalization, mechanization, automation). In the least part preconditions for functional reapproachment of bio- and technosphere are considered and the solving of ecological conflict is suggested: it is namely possible to write down an instruction through genetic information of technology to preserve considerate relationship to nature.

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