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The World Outlook and Philosophy of Jonáš Záborský

(Original title: Svetonázor a filozofia Jonáša Záborského)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 4, 461-473.
Type of work: Papers - Research in the History of Philosophical Thought in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
Jonáš Záborský was an interesting character as a philosopher and thinker. He was a theologian and his views on philosophy were negative for quite a long time because in his eyes philosophy pretended to solve problems by means of reason only while, by Záborský they could be solved by means of belieb only. His critical and satirical spirit, regarding everything with an ironical overlook, could not make a stop for a long time even before belief and theology. Under the influence of natural science and philosophy he underwent a world outlook turn and started to judge critically and satirically his own religion, he revealed its contradictions and anthropomorfism and he developed views very near to mechanical materialism. Matter — in his opinion — is eternal and God created of matter only our Earth. It was this God whom Záborský scourged ironically so that it was not sure whethere he himself was a believer. Záborský stands out a late, however, a vigorous propagator of the ideas of the Enlightenment who worked his way through to philosophy from theology and who was very near to atheism and materialism.
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