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Integration in Biological and Ecological Sciences

(Original title: Integrácia v biologických a ekologických vedách)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 6, 659-667.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The characteristic sign of the present time is the link between the profound changes in social relations and the revolution in science and technology. Also the future of socialism is connected with the development of science as the immediate productive force. All this brings up broad and basic questions also for philosophy of science. Under the contemporary conditions of fast accumulation of scientific information the necessity is growing to generalize in a philosophic way the acquired knowledge. According to the dialectical law of contradiction the growth of differentiation of knowledge results in the need of synthesis of sciences which would be able to overcome the atomization of scientific disciplines. The integration of several scientific disciplines may be regarded as an expression of the effort to generalize and synthetize the achieved scientific knowledge for the use of the theory and practice of the whole society. A practical step in this way was the foundation of the multidisciplinary scientific institute in the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) — the Institute of Experimental Biology and Ecology, later the Center of Biological-Ecological Sciences of SAS — which, in line world trend, were concentrated on solving of main problems of the present time such as the provision of the nutrition for the inhabitants and the preservation of the environment in the broadest sense. In the paper this step is substantiated from the philosophical and professional aspect. Its pro and contras are compared from the aspects of the integration of science on international level both in the countries of the COMECON and interdisciplinary programs of UNESCO.
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