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Cosmocracy as a New Stage in the Development of Democracy

(Original title: Kozmokracia ako nový stupeň vo vývoji demokracie)
Filozofia, 61 (2006), 3, 234-246.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Many of our contemporary concepts are already outdated. We need new ones in order to grasp the world which we ourselves created. According to the author cosmocracy is one of such concepts through which we could look at the new worlds. In a sense, cosmocracy precedes the historical-political systems including democracy. After the people became unbound from nature, they have created more anthropocentric forms of organization, among them democracy. But later they became totally separated from nature. Cosmocracy brings this cycle to a close and leads us back to the essential unity of all things. However, cosmocracy, as defended by the author, is not only a suggestion for a new form of government, but also for new forms of living. These should naturally bring about supporting forms of government without exploitation.

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