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Váross' Axiology Revisited

(Original title: K rekonštrukcii Várossovho axiologického odkazu)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 5, 288-302.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper aims at a reconstruction of the conception of axiology of M. Váross, an outstanding Slovak philosopher, trying to establish axiology as an autonomous discipline based on arguments which could be empirically tested mainly by means of psychology of personality as the opposition to speculative metaphysics of values. The author (she) reviews Váross' book Introduction into Axiology, showing in detail his methodological argumentation, conclusions and his conceptual background. A special attention is paid to the anthropological basis od Váross' analyses applied in his examination of the axiological phenomena, such as evaluation and its relatedness to the experience of values, axiological subject and axiological immanence, axiological consciousness and ist structure, the relationship between axiological and epistemological activities, the nature and the essence of norms, the relationship between norms and values, ontic status of ideals, the standards of values and norms, the kinds of evaluation, validity and accuracy of value judgements etc.

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