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Man - a Luxury of Nature

(Original title: Človek - luxusný výtvor prírody)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 1, 20-25.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Although a man has as many basic psychic functions as an animal, the human functions are both more extensive and intensive, tending to athrophy or hypertrophy and appearing in their various mutual combinations. They can be even reversible and antivital. A man is thus a far more disengaged being, his interests reaching far beyond his biological self-preservation. The author disagrees with Darwin's accounting man's activity as a struggle for life. On his view, it was Lorenz who applied a more critical attitude to man's predominantly self-preservation activity, ignoring at the same time his disengagement. The author disagrees also with Nietzsche who eliminated totally one aspect of human activity - feelings of powerlessness, weakness and conviviality, which become apparent in Christianity, as well as in socialism, communism and democracy. All that arises from man strives at its assertion, regardless of its biological function. What matters is not to live, but to make the best of one's life.

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