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Philosophical Sources of the „Anarchistic“ Conception of Science

(Original title: K filozofickým zdrojom „anarchického“ chápania vedy)
Filozofia, 40 (1985), 5, 583-591.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of Bourgeois Philosophy of the XXth Century
Publication language: Slovak
Contemporary bourgeois thinking is characterized by the loss of capacity to outline an integrative worldview and conceive the past, the presence and the future in their regular connection and necessity. Pluralism, relativism and indeterminism dominate the cultural scene nowadays. In contemporary bourgeois science the dynamics of the achieving of knowledge predominates over the systemization of its processing. The concepts of the clasical bourgeois philosophy are revalued: the truth is deprived of objectivity, the evolution is devoid of aim, the law rid of necessity. Knowledge is conceived as the play of chance and experiments, as trying of things not yet examined. At this background it is Nietzsche who appears as the proto-type of contemporary bourgeois philosophic thinking. The pathos of his philosophic language and his art of multivalent interpretation live forth.
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