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Claude Lévi-Strauss — from Logic to Physiology

(Original title: Claude Lévi-Strauss — od logiky k fyziológii)
Filozofia, 40 (1985), 5, 570-582.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of Bourgeois Philosophy of the XXth Century
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper the author analyzes the contemporary state of research in the sphere of mythologies and the constitution of Marxist interpretation of mythology in the process of superseding of psychologism and vulgar sociologism in interpreting myths. It is from this aspect that he evaluates the contribution of C. Lévi-Strauss’s investigations and he separates them from Lévi-Strauss’s philosophic opinions which bring a reductionist, naturalist conception of foundations of human thought and culture. The author further investigates the function of the logic of binary oppositions that is considered by Lévi-Strauss to be elementary and universal form of human thinking. He proposes a program of methodological and historical analyses which will lead to a historical-logical specification of the function of binary oppositions in the history of human culture and which will contribute at the same time to Marxist reinterpretation of the whole material of contemporary semiotics.
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