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The Scotist Tradition in Slovakia and P. Veselý — I

(Original title: Scotistická tradícia na Slovensku a P. Veselý — I.)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 5, 615-625.
Type of work: Papers - The Research in the History of Philosophy in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
In connection with the preparation of the synthetic history of Slovak philosophy unknown materials, not yet worked up from the philosophic point of view — the tradition of the Scotist philosophy in Slovakia — are presented in the paper to the first analysis. The philosophy of Duns Scotus became the basic impulse for cultivation of philosophy in Franciscan friars’ schools as a programme opposition against Thomism. As late as in the middle of the 18th century the epigone character of this philosophy was changed into an eclectic one in so far, as Scotism — in the main in accord with Thomism — responded to contemporary philosophic and scientific initiatives. In the first part of the paper the sources are characterized, concrete facts, concerning the teaching and cultivation of Scotist philosophy in Slovakia are presented and the relation of Thomism and Scotist philosophy are analyzed. Material and formal parallels between the production of Trnava University and studia generále of the Franciscan friars’ schools are pointed, being a consequence of less importance of the contradiction between Scotism and Thomism — if compared with the contradiction between the philosophy of Scholasticism and the one of the New Age. In the second part of the paper several accessible works of the Scotists from the second half of the 18th century are examined, especially the works of the famous Sootist, Patritius Veselý — Universa Aristotelu philosophia.
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