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Systems Approach in Linguistics

(Original title: Systémový pristúp v jazykovede)
Filozofia, 37 (1982), 4, 547-551.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The author analyzes the contemporary systems research in linguistics. He demonstrates how phonemes and consonants can be modelled by a matrix or a tree-diagram. He shows the structural character of the language by means of a) the system of linguistic signs, b) the system of grammatical categories, c) the system of grammatical units, d) the system of pragmatic units and the system of linguistic function. The individual systems are connected with each other by various links and the elements of these systems take part in a complex way in the means of expressing. The language represents a complex dynamic system and the impulses for its development are to be sought in the internal contradictions and for their explaining it is, therefore, not sufficient to use systems approach only but it is also necessary to employ the principles of materialist dialectics.
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