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Philosophy in the Period of Existence of Trnava University

(Original title: Filozofia v období pôsobenia trnavskej univerzity)
Filozofia, 37 (1982), 2, 194-204.
Type of work: Papers - Methodological Problems of the Research of the History of Philosophy in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
In the presented contribution methodological procedures of historleal-philosophical investigations are made concrete in the source materials of Slovak philosophy in the 17th and 18th century during the activities of Trnava University. The author analyzes the social-historical, cultural context and the imanent philosophical tradition as determinants, constituting the character of philosophy in this period. She also deals with problems of the united division into periods of the history of Slovak philosophy. The foundation, the activities and aims of Trnava university were realized in the parallel way on two levels: the social-political and professional-cultural one. This twofold orientation was projected into the content and form of cultivating philosophy in the most decisive way. Throughout the whole history of philosophy on Trnava university it was this duality of the obligatory religious and scientific-theoretical postulate as an horizontal axis, along which contradictional development took place. In evaluating the progressiveness and development of the philosophy of this period in Slovakia the tention following from the contradiction between the initiatives of philosophical-theological character and those in the modern natural science and the overcoming of this contradiction was, therefore, of great importance.
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