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Philosophy of Science in the Complex of of Science on Science

(Original title: Filozofia vedy v komplexe odborov vedy o vede)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 1, 52-62.
Type of work: Papers - Theory of Science
Publication language: Slovak
In the situation of contemporary scientific-technical development, neither the borders of applicability of the methods of philosophy, nor of the methods of special science can be considered as unsurmountable. Philosophy, specialized for the research of science, co-operates internally with special natural, technical and social sciences in the bordering relations of the system of sciences. Philosophy of science, as an interior component of the complex of the branches of metascience must necessarily unify with the special sciences, but not in order to immerse with them into a formation in which it would lose its imanent specificity. It enters the complex of meta'science in order to take hold of the regularities of the development of the system of sciences more effectively theoretically at the realization of the research intentions of its own in a inner co-operation with the appropriate branches.
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