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1. Rights and obligations of authors

The rights and obligations of authors are stated in the Code of Ethics.

2. Language, format and scope of contributions

Filozofia publishes papers in Slovak, Czech and English. Proofreading of papers in Czech and English is done by the authors themselves.

Detailed instructions and recommendations for the formal editing of manuscripts can be found in this document

All contributions must be in a format compatible with MS Word, written in Times New Roman with a 1.5 line spacing. If the authors are concerned that the text of the article or its part may display on another device differently than intended, they may send to the editors of the magazine Filozofia also a PDF version of the article with the same content as the MS Word document (both documents need to be attached).

Filozofia only rarely accepts contributions that do not follow the word count guideline:

  • Research articles: 28,000 – 36,000 characters including spaces
  • Review studies: 18,000 – 27,000 characters including spaces…

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1. Rights and obligations of reviewers

Responsibilities of reviewers and information about conflicts of interest are discussed in the Code of Ethics.

2. Review form

Reviewers can download the review form here. The form should be filled in and submitted electronically, without a signature.
Review form is a structured document that consists of:

  1. questions to which the reviewer assigns “yes”, “to some extent” or “no” judgements;
  2. overall assessment of the manuscript (section 2.1);
  3. the part in which reviewers state reasons for their decisions or state their recommendations to the editors or to the author (section 2.2)...

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