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Kritický teológ a filozof Karol Nandrásky

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 1, 81 - 89.
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The article presents the religious-philosophical thinking of Karol Nandrásky, who was an important representative of Slovak Lutheran theology. His thought was originally based on Old Testament theology, but later he devoted himself to religious philosophy. He drew primarily on the ideas and legacy of Friedrich Nietzsche, but also on the philosophy of existentialism and process theology. In addition to philosophy, world literature and fiction, which reflects the drama of man in Euro-American culture, plays a significant role in his work. Nandrasky’s theological and religious-philosophical thought is characterized by a strong antidogmatism and critique of the theory and practice of the Christian churches. This is evidenced by several of Nandrasky’s studies including those in the Filozofia journal. This article builds on previously published work by the author of this paper and also on the work of Teodor Münz, who has addressed Nandrásky’s thought in several articles.
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non-dogmatic theology, Nandrásky, Nietzsche, criticism of Christianity, Metaphysics

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