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Religious Non-Realism as a Border Zone? Reflecting on Feuerbach’s Anthropological Theology

Filozofia, 78 (2023), 9, 711 - 718.
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In the present paper I examine the issue of religious non-realism with a special focus on its expression in Feuerbach’s anthropological theology. First, I discuss the distinction between religious realism and non-realism exploring the recent popularization of the latter by Don Cupitt. Second, I present Feuerbach as a repre-sentative of religious non-realism and outline the critiques of his anthropological theology by Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Augusto del Noce, and Jon Stewart. Third, I analyze Martin Buber’s presentation of religious non-realism as a restless position. In the conclusion I suggest that religious non-realism is a border zone between religious realism and atheism, both of which tend to be critical of it. Non-realism is subject to pressure from both sides and might be considered a weak position between two strong positions.
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Philosophy of religion, Religious Non-Realism, Religious Realism, Atheism, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, Ludwig Feuerbach

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