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Vedecké poznávanie a pragma-dialektika

Filozofia, 78 (2023), 8, 675 - 688.
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Based on a critical analysis of a specific theory of knowledge course, Gábor Zemplén has identified several barriers frustrating efforts to support critical thinking in science education. He proposes three strategies of how to bolster up critical thinking skills in teaching science-oriented courses. One of them is to implement the pragma-dialectical theory of argumentation in classes. The paper calls attention to three implicit assumptions behind the Zemplén’s proposal, subjects them to internal criticism, and argues that they cannot be reconciled with each other. By criticizing them externally, the paper aims to show that it is not apposite to explain or model scientific cognition by the pragma-dialectical theory of argumentation.
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Scientific cognition, Pragma-dialectics, Science education, Theory of knowledge, Critical thinking, Critical rationalism

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