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Ku Kymlickovým východiskám liberálnej koncepcie menšinových práv

Filozofia, 73 (2018), 7, 555-565.
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The article deals with W. Kymlicka´s argumentation in favor of minority rights. It examines in particular the argument for equality, which plays the key role in Kymlicka´s liberal multiculturalism. The core of the argument is, first, the problem of the neutrality of the state face to face the minority cultural groups and second, the handicaps the minorities have to meet due to their group classification. Kymlicka´s argumentation is interpreted on the background of Dworkin´s concept of the equality of resources, in particular as related with his thought experiment of the original sources auction. In conclusion the limits of Kymlicka´s interpretation are shown, which make its applicability problematic.

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Argument for equality, Minority rights, Neutrality, Ronald Dworkin, Will Kymlicka

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