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O zle, násilí, ich vzťahu a odlišnosti – traja autori, tri perspektívy

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 9, 777-785.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

The article deals with three phenomena (namely those of evil, power and violence) as approached by three prominent thinkers: social psychologist Ph. Zimbardo, philosopher H. Arendt and culture critic and philosopher S. Žižek. The elucidation of the relationships between the phenomena at issue bears empirical as well as political-ethical character, bringing to the foreground similarities and differences between the three thinkers. In conclusion, the stress is put on the need for abstract ethical and social-political considerations to take into account the empirical researches in social psychology.

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Empirical researches, Evil, H. Arendt, Ph. Zimbardo, Power, S. Žižek, Social psychology, Violence

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