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Život v zóne biomoci. Etický a biopolitický diskurz o transhumanizme

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 6, 461-471.
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The papers ́ focus is on the idea of modern technological human enhancement, which on one side tries therapeutically to correct the biological defects of humans, and intentionally to create and enhance their abilities on the other. The issue is approached from two perspectives: ethical and biopolitical. The explorations derive from Habermas ́s analyses of ethical discourse, which have been influenced by new technologies. In biopolitical context based on Foucault ́s descriptions of biopower it is shown, that human life, though permanently given attention by political power, has been so far approached mainly from biological perspective. The biological, however, without being more deeply rooted and socially acknowledged, is often easily misused by totalitarian decision-makers. Important consequences follow from both of these perspectives.

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Autonomy, Biopower, Cross-generational equality, Deontology, Foucault, Habermas, Human enhancement

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