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Gadamer and Kierkegaard: On Contemporaneity

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 5, 434-442.
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The article deals with Gadamer’s reception of Kierkegaard, especially in his fundamental work Truth and Method. It sheds light on his role in creating some of the basic concepts of philosophical hermeneutics. The purpose of the paper is neither to give a hermeneutic interpretation of Kierkegaard’s philosophy nor to discuss the reception of Kierkegaard’s philosophy within the so-called hermeneutic philosophy or hermeneutic phenomenology, taking into account, that the very position of hermeneutic phenomenology within contemporary philosophy still remains undecided. Even less determined is its disposition regarding the contemporaneity of philosophy.

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H.-G. Gadamer, Philosophical hermeneutics, S. Kierkegaard

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