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Sebauvedomenie a otvorenosť. K rekonštrukcii fenomenologického prístupu v psychoterapii

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 10, 847-858.
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Phenomenological approach is not only a matter of academic philosophy; it is also effectively applied in the field of psychotherapeutic practice. Technology of selfawareness – in the sense of self-experiencing of our existence in the world – developed on the phenomenological grounds aims primarily at the integration of behavior observed and experiencing deeper levels of personal condition with an ambition to get as close as possible to the situation experienced. The connection of Gestalt therapy and its specific theoretical model of “field” with modern phenomenological concept of “event” can be seen as a paradigmatic example of the application of such a method. The existential analysis of French philosopher Henri Maldiney is the background of the description of contemporary art-therapeutic approaches with an emphasis on the key categories of the whole process, i.e. self-awareness and openness.

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Art therapy, Gestalt therapy, Phenomenology of event, Psychotherapy

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