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Kantovské motivy prostoru v Gaussově diferenciální geometrii

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 6, 476-484.
Typ článku: Mladí filozofi

The aim of this contribution is to show the Kantian concept of space as a hidden presupposition of Gauss’ geometrical treatises. First, the introduction of mathematization, origins of mathematics and geometry is depicted on the philosophical background of Husserl’s phenomenology as one possible interpretation of space. Further, Kant’s ideas on mathematics and space are summarized. The motivations of Gauss’ differential geometry exemplify the revolution in mathematics in 19th century. In conclusion Kantian motives of space in Gauss’ differential geometry as the intrinsic geometry of a curved surface are shown.

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Philosophy of mathematics, History of mathematics, Platonism, Diffe- rential geometry, Ontology of space, I. Kant, C. F. Gauss

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