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Values for a Sustainable Future vs. Global Problems and Threats

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 7, 520-532.
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Violence in the world, explosive population growth, uneven and unfair distribution of wealth, destruction of the environment and/or the ineffectiveness of supranational political and economic tools and institutions and other problems are more and more achieving global character. The growth of number, frequency and intensity of global problems and threats is a reality. In the same time it represents a big challenge: How to find a generally acceptable, adequate global solution? The majority of political and intellectual leaders around the world acknowledge concept of sustainable development/sustainable living as the most important tool for protecting the biosphere and for securing reasonable development for the future. The development and implementation of the sustainable living concept is driven by the effort to reach – as much as possible – the ideals of humanism and the harmony between man and nature, based on the respect of life. Values compatible with a sustainable way of living are a set of values, the implementation of which promote the shift towards sustainable future. These values are not completely new. Just the opposite. They create the core of the common heritage of humankind, since the oldest religious cultures. The submitted study tries to map the recent developments of values compatible with the sustainable way of living problematic from both Czech, Slovak and thinkers from abroad perspectives in the wider framework of relevant international activities.

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Human Values, Ethics, Ecology, Environment, Sustainable future, Global threats, Problems, Challenges, Alternatives, Processes, Strategies, Events, Quality of life

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